When you think of cute pets, chances are longhorn bulls aren’t the first animals that come to mind. But a bull in Texas is bucking that perception with a viral video that’s absolutely adorable.

It shows the bull playing with a yoga ball until it pops. His reaction is priceless: He becomes a distraught, gentle giant, dejected over his deflated toy. His animal sanctuary’s owner got it all on camera.

It has upwards of a hundred thousand views, but it’s not the first viral video involving the sanctuary’s owner. The first actually helped the sanctuary get started. 

Lester Murrow can’t help but laugh as his donkeys pick crackers out of his mouth. A year and a half ago, he couldn’t find any reason to smile though when he visited his animals. Hurricane Harvey brought six feet of water on his property. His camera captured the moment he returned, and discovered some of his animals survived.

The video has 650,000 views on social media. Because of this, he says he received money from the site. Funds he used to start Ima Survivor Sanctuary on his property near Cleveland.

“Well, if it weren’t for the viral video, we wouldn’t never have had a chance to start the sanctuary,” said Lester Murrow, Ima Survivor Sanctuary owner.

Murrow might get a chance to do even more. Right now, one of his recent videos has gone viral again. This time, his bull, known as Tex, ran into trouble while playing with his rubber ball. Moments later, the ball popped leaving the longhorn heartbroken. After slamming the ball to the ground, Tex took off.

“He didn’t understand how that ball could one minute be alive and well, and then next minute it would be laying there flat,” said Murrow. 

Nearly 100,000 people have watched the bull meltdown. Tex isn’t sad any longer though. A dozen strangers mailed red balls. The sanctuary knows it’s not only good for his bull, but possibly the other animals. Murrow is hoping the latest viral video will generate money, which will keep him even busier feeding even more animals.

“My dream is to have a rescue, not just a sanctuary,” said Murrow.