VIP Program helps veterans adjust to life after service


JOPLIN, Mo. – Veterans in Joplin get some help adjusting to regular life after service.

That’s the main purposes of the V.I.P. Program, offered through Ozark Center in Joplin. V.I.P. Stands for Veteran Integration Program. Two veterans who went through the transition from military to civilian life help others going through the same process.

“Ourselves as the middle guy, the buffer if you will, between the veteran and what ever issues or things they might need assistance with, whether it be through the Ozark Center or if they need help with V.A. paperwork or a job or housing, we try to be the middle guy, the buffer to help them and assist them.”

Roger Koch, Military Liaison

Koch says he keeps up with the growing number of programs in the Joplin area designed for veterans that they may not even be aware of. Both Ozark Center and the Freeman Health System place a priority of hiring men and women who’ve served their country.

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