Vinita restaurant is helping those in need in their community


VINITA, Okla. — Hi-Way Café is giving back to the Vinita community in a special way for anyone that is hungry.

Beth Hilburn Owner, says, “We just decided that it was a great need that our community needed and uh we kinds threw it out there and it’s really been our customers that’s taken off with it.”

Two days ago, Hi-Way Café decided they wanted to have a giving wall that had tickets of prepaid meals.

“After the very first day we had almost a $100 worth of donations and then at the beginning of this morning we had we had right at $300 that was up at the donation wall.”

If someone wants to help, they can pick anything off of their menu, pay for it, and the person can pick which meal ticket they would like to take home. The most hot items are kids meals.

“It’s for anyone that’s in need, anyone from families uh single people uh we have some elderly people that has greatly helped um and we even had people volunteer to pick up meals to take to people because we had some people–locals that did not have a vehicle. To actually get out here of pick up the meals.”

The owners had posted their cause on social media and has taken off nationally

“Sunday’s post has over 500 hundred shares we’ve received donations from San Antonio, Texas all over the state of Oklahoma we’ve even gotten Arkansas and Kansas, people been calling and making donations.”

The owners hope that other restaurants will start their own giving wall and they want to continue even after the pandemic and harsh winter is over.

Alan Hilburn Co-Owner, says, “Well I just want it it to just continue what it’s doing now. I mean it’s doing well now you know people really needing something to eat that didn’t have the funds you know i just want that to continue and just get even bigger.”

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