Vinita receives $25 thousand dollar grant


A local city has received high recognition as a recipient of a $25 thousand dollar grant.

The city of Vinta was awarded the 2018 AARP Community Challenge Grant, which allows communities to implement quick action projects geared towards enhancing the community for its residents.

“You know your downtown area has died off in a lot of your small towns,” says Ronnie Starks.

And mayor of Vinita Ronnie Starks is working to change that for his community. So, the city applied and was awarded the 2018 AARP Community Challenge Grant. More than 1600 non profit organizations and government agencies applied to receive the grant and only 129 were selected.

“If you can revitalize your downtown and main street area I think it’s real positive for the community,” says Starks.

The Vinita Route 66 Breezeway Project will make the downtown area more pedestrian friendly…including the enhancement of a corridor within the Historic Route 66 Main Street area.

“We are looking at putting down new asphalt, we are looking at doing some signage lighting and coming up with an entryway and a sign,” says Starks.

This will also create new opportunities for community members to mingle. 

“We can have different venues for different events we can have music we can have farmers market will have picnic table and benches for people to gather,” says Ronnie Starks.

And it’s exciting for Vinita residents.

“To make it friendly for people to come in and out of the businesses is pretty important,” says Jozetta McGuire, “we’ll have opportunities for more of our events that we have now.”

As a part of the grant requirements, the project must be completed by November 5th. As more funding becomes available the city wants to expand the Vinita Route 66 Breezeway throughout the city. Starks adds it will incorporate the library and museum.

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