Vinita Police Department receives major grant to help with emergency response


The Vinita Police Department has received a major grant to help them respond to emergencies.

“We are your first contact to getting help you call 911 it comes to us. We then get your first responders in regards to fire department and ambulance we get them started,” says Amanda Riley, Vinita Police Department Dispatch Supervisor.

And now Vinita Police Department dispatchers are able to help people much quicker thanks to an almost  100 thousand grant they received. They now have a new dispatch system…next gen 911. 

“Our old system was outdated and caused delays in our dispatch ability to get locations,” says Amanda Riley.

They say in the past, it could take minutes to be notified of an emergency…now it’s down to seconds. And the information comes up on maps, making it easier to pinpoint the locations of the emergency.

“It’s made our jobs much easier to get the information to different counties if it comes in that it needs to go to a different county for us to get the information we need to help the public,” says Riley.

For police chief Bobby Floyd he is grateful to the “Craig County E-911,” an organization which spearheaded them getting the new equipment. Floyd says in the US the average response time for law enforcement officers is 5 minutes.

“We are already at the 3 minute mark so we are hoping to get around 2 minutes on response items and help citizens when they need help,” says Bobby Floyd.

Floyd says he is grateful for being able to offer this to the team. 

“When they feel great and they are open to change it works great. We have a lot of people that’s willing to change especially if it helps the community out,” says Floyd.

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