Vinita launches new safe routes to school policy


The city of Vinita has decided to launch a safe routes to school policy.

The policy will work on enhancing the city. Their ultimate goal is to make Vinita more accessible for families as well as community members.

“The city has sidewalks that connect all of our schools here in the city of Vinita,” says Brian Prince, city clerk.

And Vinita city officials say these sidewalks are in dire need of repair, prompting officials to begin a safe routes to school policy

“It set forth a goal and guideline for the next couple of years in how the city of Vinita can invest in our sidewalks invest in our streets and how we can invest in our children,” says Brian Prince.

In addition, Vinita officials say they want to promote healthy living by motivating more students and families to exercise because they are in partnership with the health group test. Within the next year, they have a lot on their agenda to accomplish. 

“We want to do a sidewalk audit, we’re going to actually physically walk our sidewalks making sure there are no trip hazards, that they are in standard for bikes, walking, and safe routes. We’re also going to provide signs that this is a safe route that are going to step on our crosswalk painting,” says Prince.

For superintendent of Vinita Schools Kelly Grimmett…..He is excited for this new initiative to begin.

“Get parents to let their kids hopefully walk and ride their bikes to school a little bit more than they do now,” says Kelly Grimmett.

He says parents have been concerned over the years. 

“There’s been some close calls and some different instances, we had to do some things to improve our safety around our buildings, but this kind of spreads it out to a city wide thing and all things happening between the buildings,” says Grimmett.

At the end of the two years the city council will reevaluate the project. Prince adds they will make a map design indicating other areas that need to be addressed.

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