VIDEO: Trooper has a serious close call in Florida


There are close calls and there are really close calls. A troopers brush with death caught on camera in Florida.

This Florida trooper’s quick reflexes almost certainly saved his life. Highway Patrolman Jeremy Medastin was dispatched to a crash on a rainy highway. After speaking with the drivers, he was headed back to his vehicle when this happened. The trooper leaps out of the way as the careening car slams into the wall. While the trooper avoided serious injury, the vehicle did clip his foot. He was treated for a broken ankle and authorities say he is okay.

Video of a scary moment for a young driver may end up being used as a teaching tool. While merging onto an Oklahoma highway, police say the 18-year-old failed to yield to a truck . Everyone involved in the accident was okay. The driver’s dad gave the video to the Oklahoma state patrol for “training purposes.”

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