Video captures moment boy is almost hit by car that didn’t stop for school bus


It was a typical weekday morning, two boys waiting for the school bus with their mom in their driveway, but it took a dangerous turn in an instant

“Very scary, very scary, it could have been a lot worse. It would have been a lot worse if we had captured a more horrific thing on the security,” said David Cota- Robles, father.

David Cota-Robles reacting to this video captured on home surveillance, showing the moment a car almost struck his seven-year-old son.

“I look at the picture and it was really close,” said Cota- Robles.

David’s wife and two sons were waiting for the school bus when the bus slowed to a stop, the boys stepped towards the street and the seven-year-old jumped, as a black car raced by.

“Fortunately, he was able to jump back and there was no injuries or anything,” said Cota- Robles.

While the family is thankful everyone is safe, the Gilford Police Department is trying to learn more about the driver of the black car.

“Anytime we get a report like that, we take it very seriously and we do everything we can to figure out who the operator of that motor vehicle was and figure out what happened,” said Dep. Chief Kristian Kelley, Gilford Police Dept.

The Cota-Robles’ posted the video to Facebook, hoping to remind drivers to be more aware of school age children on the roads.

“After watching that video it was a very dangerous situation and we were very fortunate that no one got hurt. We can’t remind people enough that school is open, anytime you see a school bus or kids playing by the road at all, slow down, air on the side of caution, be prepared to stop in case that stop sign does come out of that school bus, so that no one gets hurt,” said Chief Kelley.

Since the incident, the family is making sure to take extra precautions by waiting for the school bus further down the driveway. 

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