CARTHAGE, Mo. — Public service and emerging technology – guiding principles for Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis.

It all started decades ago with his decision to enlist.

“One of the greatest experiences that I have had in my life is, of course, joining the United States Navy,” said Charlie Davis, Navy Veteran.

The choice was in his blood.

His father served in both the Army and Navy. Charlie Davis also had an uncle and grandfather in military service.

“A long history of military service,” said Davis.

He enlisted while living in Germany, just the start of his global travel in the Navy. Italy, France, Spain, and Israel were just the start.

“Two different aircraft carriers, the USS Saratoga and the USS Independence, probably six of some of the greatest years of my life, something that I would never trade for anything,” said Davis.

Because it set the stage for the rest of his life.

Charlie was an aviation electronics technician – opening doors to his future career.

“So when I got out of the military, for 30 years, I owned a computer store. And during that 30 years, eight of that was I served in the Missouri legislature where I served on a technology committee,” said Davis.

He was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2010 and enjoyed that state-level focus on tech issues.

But Charlie didn’t forget the importance of military service, chairing the Veterans Committee.

“And we did everything from expanding veteran rights, expanding veteran care. There was a time where Whiteman Air Force Base needed a little bit of help when they were talking about getting rid of some of the aircraft. So we had to work on some legislation and some efforts to keep them there,” said Davis.

Other bills offered college credit for skills earned in the service and ensured Missouri service members could vote while on deployment.

Which was a step toward his next career move – elected as the County Clerk of Jasper County… where he still connects with the military.

“I love working with our veterans, making sure that they have the right to vote and they all know exactly how to vote, but especially with our active duty military,” said Davis.

Not just working with the past and present, but also the future, like the JROTC and ROTC.

“At a football game, to see those kids come out here and think that, you know, maybe they’re going to be one of the ones that are on one of the aircraft carriers that might be protecting me. You know, I get goosebumps all the time I think about that,” said Davis.