It’s the resting place of more than 11-hundred american sailors and marines killed during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

And every year, nearly two million people visit the USS Arizona memorial, to pay their respects, and honor the lives lost.

Kristine Uyeno takes a look at what it takes to maintain this landmark.

Everyday, this memorial welcomes nearly 5,000 people, some waiting in long lines to get in.

Visitor Dawn Carmello said, “i just lost my dad who was a veteran and i just wanted to come and pay some kind of respect, memory of my dad.”

The 184-foot USS Arizona memorial honors the memory of the crew.
As well as other service members and civilians who died during the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.To ensure this landmark continues to be preserved, about 40 staff members, and numerous volunteers, work daily to care for this memorial.

“We have volunteers who help with handing out tickets and some of them really love to be out on the USS Arizona memorial itself to provide historical information about people who fought and died on the Arizona on Dec. 7,” said Jay Blount who works at Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Recently, several large groups of volunteers, including navy personnel and their families, helped scrub the decks, repaint, and reopen the memorial and dock. It was closed for more than a year due to damage caused by king tides.

Together those 130 individuals contributed to about $20,000 in labor to the re-beautification effort out here at the USS Arizona memorial.
Manning the memorial, doesn’t just mean every day care, but also, long-term maintenance.

One of the projects on the horizon for the memorial is a new $4 million dock at the visitors center.

Projects like that, and staff and volunteers, are what’s necessary to maintain the memorial. So this landmark and the lives lost are always remembered.