Vernon County Sheriff’s Office benefits from grants


VERNON COUNTY, Mo. — A local sheriff’s office is putting grant money to good use for newer equipment.

The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office purchased ten new ballistic vests with a $10,000 law enforcement block grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Agency offices are required to get new vests for deputies every five years.

And some offices struggle with finding the funds to keep them updated.

With deputies already sized for the new vests, the Vernon County Sheriff stresses that keeping them safe is always a priority.

Jason Mosher, Vernon County Sheriff, said, “Most vests that an officer wears is going to have a five year life on it. That five years is non-negotiable with the Department of Justice. You know when it reaches the five years, you gotta pull it.”

Sheriff Mosher expects the new vests to arrive in March.

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