NEVADA, Mo. — Due to financial reasons, a local city court will be closing.

Starting last May, the City of Nevada began assessing its budget for next year.

“The financial issue itself is sad for all small municipalities and to try to maintain the separate court system from the county, it’s almost impossible,” said George Knox, Mayor, City of Nevada.

Last Tuesday, the Nevada City Council voted to close the city court.

Council will now decide the court’s closing date at the August 2nd meeting.

“Actually, our budget, like everybody else’s budget is very, very tight, and if we can make any changes at all without hurting, you know, the citizens that the court serves, I think we have to do that,” said Knox.

Knox says this change will have the biggest impact on city court employees who are close to their retirement with the city.

“Because their retirement is with the City itself, if they even move to the county, and that’s an option that they could move to the county, would be under a whole new retirement system which would mean that they’re at square one, and that’s not fair to them at all,” said Knox.

When the city court does close, all cases will be assigned to the Vernon County Court House.

“You have to face every decision on how it’s going to impact your community, and that’s the toughest part that I personally struggle with is how it’s going to impact our community,” said Knox.