NEVADA, Mo. — It will soon be easier for seniors in Nevada and beyond to receive psychiatric care. A ribbon cutting was held today for the Nevada Regional Medical Center’s Senior Behavioral Health Unit. The unit had been shut down for three years. The facility provides psychiatric health care for those 55 and older. There are eight rooms in the unit.

“We know that it’s been a need for a long time and I’ve seen really good things happen in this unit before so I’m really happy that we’re getting, we’re doing it again. Because it is such a heart-wrenching thing to see people so sick, and you can make them better in just a few days. It’s amazing,” said Holly Bush, NRMC Chief Quality Officer.

“We’ll take patients from anywhere within the state of Missouri and we oftentimes do get patients from all over the state of Missouri. And we’ll certainly take patients from Eastern Kansas as well,” said Mark Stewart, D.O., Dir. Inpatient Psychiatric Services NRMC.

The unit will begin accepting patients this Thursday, September 1st.