NEVADA, Mo. — For many of the homeless, Thanksgiving is just another day without food or shelter. But one homeless outreach service in Nevada is working to change that, not just on Thanksgiving, but for all 365 days of the year. Pine Street Baptist Church in Nevada is partnering with New Life Shelter, Inc. to make sure the region’s homeless population is cared for.

When it comes to serving those less fortunate, Chad Bailey, pastor of Pine Street Baptist Church and board president of New Life Shelter, Inc. has brought both the church and the homeless transitional shelter together. Last week, when area temperatures dipped well below freezing for the first time this season, pastor Bailey opened the doors of his church so that the homeless in Vernon County could have a warm, safe place to stay overnight. Pastor Bailey said when temperatures reach extremes during the winter and summer months, those who need shelter from the outdoor elements, including meals and snacks, can find it at Pine Street Baptist.

“My hope is they see that the church loves them and truly cares for them. The second greatest commandment is ‘thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ So we hope they see the church as loving and caring and being Christ-like to them. I think that’s extremely important that they know they’re not beyond help and that we’re here to help them get on their feet,” said Bailey.

According to pastor Bailey, poverty and homelessness in Nevada is much higher than it would appear. He estimates that the city of Nevada has more than 100 individuals who are homeless or in need of homeless services and aid. Another way Bailey is able to serve those in need is through New Life Thrift Store, located at 821 North Osage Boulevard in Nevada. With its money, food, and other necessary items brought in by donations, the thrift store keeps New Life Shelter and the Pine Street Baptist Church’s homeless services going, especially this time of the year.

“The thrift store here helps service a lot of people that have needs with clothing or cold weather needs, such as blankets — we have all of those items here. But, we couldn’t do it all without help from our community. They do a lot to serve those less fortunate. I’m really proud of our community. They make all of our homeless services possible,” said Bailey.

To inquire about homeless and transitional services provided by Pine Street Baptist Church, New Life Shelter, or New Life Thrift Store, you can contact Pastor Chad Bailey at (417) 321-2439, or you can visit New Life Shelter’s website, HERE.