NEVADA, Mo. — The people of Nevada were using food to help the community.

The Salsa Festival made its return to the Nevada Farmers Market.

It’s one of the Market’s annual events. Throughout the day people competed to see who had the best mild and spicy salsa.

It’s been going on for roughly five years, and in the past the event has helped the Market find a permanent home at the Centennial Pavillion.

“This building we Co-Oped with the fair board, and so they paid for part of the building and we paid for part of the building, so it worked as a benefit for both, and it’s a great asset for the community to use as well for activities,” Joann Cash, Farmers Market Board.

Funds raised from the Salsa Festival this year will be going towards operations at the Nevada Farmers Market.

The board is hoping to expand and include a second canopy to allow more vendors at the Market.