NEVADA, Mo. — Cottey College in Nevada is celebrating the inauguration of its new president.

Dr. Stefanie D. Niles became the school’s 13th president, back in July of 2022.

Today marks the nine-month anniversary of her beginning that role.

She participated in three different ceremonies to commemorate her inauguration.

Dr. Niles says today’s celebration is a time for the entire campus community to come together and celebrate the future of the school.

“I’m just honored and humbled to be in this space today, to be with so many people who truly care so deeply for this institution. It has such a storied history, such an important place in higher education and I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the institution, and so grateful that so many have chosen to join us for the celebratory moment, today,” said Dr. Stefanie D. Niles, Cottey College President.

Dr. Niles added she continues to look at all ways in which Cottey can position its students for the most success in the future.