NEVADA, Mo. — Nevada is currently seeing an increase in economic growth, coming with some high price tags — roughly $60 million.

“We’re seeing some economic development and growth in our community that we haven’t had for decades,” said Mark Mitchell, City of Nevada Manager.

$60 million. Between multiple major and new construction projects and expansions — all of these projects are funded locally or through donors.

One of those projects is a brand-new $3.2 million “Veterans Community Based Outpatient Clinic” off of I-49.

It will house more than 20 outpatient rooms, giving a closer option to those living between Joplin and Kansas City.

“That will bring and offer services to our veterans not only locally, but we also believe regionally. And with that, we believe, will bring some economic drivers as well. We’re already seeing some movement in that area with apartments being developed for short-term rentals for families to stay as they bring their loved ones to the clinic. And so we expect an inflow of individuals coming to our community,” said Mark Mitchell, City of Nevada Manager.

Another asset is the $27 million elementary school, “Weber Elementary and Early Childhood School,” located on North Ash Street.

Plus, a new “USDA” funded $2 million animal shelter on “Industrial Parkway.”

The list actually goes on — Mark Mitchell tells us there are also new apartments and houses being built to rent or buy.

He says, usually when there’s capital growth, it comes with more residents.

“And I think a lot of that has to do with, we took the initiative three years ago to be more business-friendly. We dropped a lot of our fees to a very affordable level — case in point. We used to charge anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 for a sewer tap fee. We dropped that all the way down to $150, just to spur development,” Mitchell.

Mark tells us the city and the community have no plans on stopping this growth.

“We’re not only cherishing what we are currently seeing, but we’re planning for the future. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together different groups that are in our community. Economic groups, leaders, and stakeholders together to talk about economics, talk about next steps, talk about the community’s future,” said Mitchell.

Each of these projects has either broken ground last year or this year and is expected to be completed throughout 2024.