NEVADA, Mo. — Over 200 disc golf players from 10 states are gathering in Nevada today (Friday).

It’s all for the 3rd Annual Nevada Open Disc Golf Tournament hosted by Farm Path Tour – which has nearly 150 more participants this year than it did the first year.

“I would say Missouri is kind of like a Mecca for the Midwest,” said Kory Light, a participant from Topeka, KS.

He’s talking about how the sport of disc golf has found a home in Nevada.

It’s a sport he started playing during the COVID-19 pandemic when most social interaction had to be done outside.

“One of our other friends that I used to play softball with, I knew that he played a lot. And one day I just finally decided to go out with him, and I just fell in love with it. I like to say it’s exercise without even knowing. So, it’s a sport anyone can access, basically. You don’t need a whole bunch of money. It’s very easily accessible and just fun,” said Light.

Friday’s event offered a doubles tournament and some warm-up rounds before the two-day tournament begins on Saturday.

Officials with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department tell us that some participants arrived Monday and will stay for a whole week in local hotels, Airbnbs, and campgrounds.

Some have come from as far as North Carolina and Illinois for the event, including sponsored professional players.

When the event started three years ago, it saw about 60 participants. However, it has continued to grow since then — with over 200 participating this year.

“You ask, ‘Why Nevada?’ But I say, why not? We want to make it something that everybody enjoys and that they get a great experience out of. I think that’s what maybe sets us apart, is that every year, we are working toward making this not just an event but something that they can remember,” said Richard Brockman, Parks and Recreation Director, City of Nevada.

Tyson Jones, the tournament director, says the professional sponsorships this year have really helped to spread the word.

But the biggest help, he tells me, is the people themselves who have allowed this tournament to continue to grow.

“The hospitality. The added cash that the city puts in. The city is 100% committed to this event and future events, and that’s how we got the A-Tier status, which will bring over 300 players in next year. Marmaduke was only a little 9-hole course at the time; they made it into an 18-hole course. And now we have this and a little 9-hole course – Spring Street Park – that we designed, the Farm Path Tour did. And we’ve got two premier courses at the golf course right now for this event,” said Tyson Jones, Nevada Open Tournament Director.

Everything takes place this weekend at Marmaduke Disc Golf Course and at Frank E Peters Golf Courses 1 and 2.