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VERNON COUNTY, Mo. — Strong bandwidth and high speed internet is crucial for many people, but one Southwest Missouri county is having a hard time achieving this.

Ben Vickers – Vernon County Director of Economic Development, said, “In the city it does tend to get a little bit better and a little bit cheaper.”

But this isn’t the case for all of Vernon County.

“As you get farther out away from Nevada Missouri, you kind of lose signal, you lose access to that internet, and the companies just wont get out that far and serve you.”

Real Estate Broker J.J. Curtis has experienced this first-hand.

J.J. Curtis – Curtis and Sons Inc. Real Estate Broker, said, “We were not able to access from our home locations our phone server to conduct the video conferencing we needed to conduct. It was just, broadband was limited on the systems we’re using.”

J.J. adds that the poor internet has not just caused problems for him, but for his clients as well.

“I had a time sensitive contract that needed to be signed. I attempted to send it out for digital signature. I was South of Moundville Missouri, I was unable to get that contract out and I had to redispatch that task to another individual, another associate in my office to get it addressed.”

County officials have tried to solve this problem, but private companies have made it harder than they’ve liked.

“One of the things they tell us is that there is, there’s already really good coverage here, when here on the ground we know that there’s not. And we know it’s way too expensive for what we can afford,” said Vickers.

Vickers says they hope to fix the issue with a short test.

“You enter in your access that way we have an idea of the area, the general area that you’re in, then it automatically tracks your speed for us. This will help us map out where the geographical shortages are throughout the county.”

You can take the short test on this website.

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