A number of attorneys including Dustin Dunfield are pursuing legal action against the Vernon County Jail, multiple jailers, and the Sheriff. 

“They’ve been urging inmates to fight one another,” Dunfield explained.

His client inmate Alexander Trexel calls it a ‘fight night’, which he says makes the jail an unsafe place.

“He’s scared for his well being,” Dunfield added.

The court affidavit says jailers are “not only aware of the situation, but are active participants.” 

“When he tells them they’re going to fight, they feel the have no choice,” said Dunfield. 

Trexel says he sustained physical injuries from the fights including one requiring stitches above his right eye. 

“He’s reported to me that at least nine times, he been made to take part in what’s called ‘fight night’,” Dunfield continued. “If he doesn’t take part, this particular inmate whose in charge of things will fight them himself.”

Legal claims include assault and violation of constitutional rights by the jailers. The lawsuit also includes the sheriff and the county as well.  

Dunfield blames staffing issues.

“They’re hiring individuals as jailers who are under-trained, they’re understaffed, they’re understaffed because we’re housing inmates from Greene County.”

The sheriff’s office wouldn’t comment on any of the allegations but told us this:

Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher: “Any allegations that anyone makes against our jail we take seriously.”

According to court documents, the sheriff knew this was happening and made no attempt to solve the problem. 

Dunfield claims the jail let this happen for entertainment.