“Vans” asked high school students to express themselves on a pair of vans for a contest


LOUISIANA – In Tonight’s dose of good news… A group of high school students from Louisiana are getting national attention for their art skills.

Like so many works of art, it all started with a blank canvas. But theirs happened to be a shoe.

At a Louisiana art gallery, in Covington, one show showcases what high school kids spent the year stepping into, like skateboarding shoes that got the grand prize in a contest that inspired kids from Fontainebleau High to step up to the challenge.

These students are the “Van Gogh’s” of shoes.

“Thank you, I loved the experience of painting on the shoes, so exciting and fun just to start with that blank canvas and really just build it up and make it what we want to do.” Says student.

It’s a contest to inspire creativity. The shoe folks from Vans asked high school students to take a pair of their shoes and express themselves. A blank canvas in size 9.

More than 1,000 schools entered, why does this school think they won?

“Our theme was head in the clouds, which my head is already in the clouds, looking for a brighter future, and I know in my personal life, I’m always looking for more sustainable ways to live, I really wanted to implement that into the shoes.” Says a student.

Do the students wear vans in real life?

“Actually this pair that we designed it’s size 9 which is my size, so after we were done painting them, I tried them on, and they fit just like the pair I have on right now.” Says a student.

It’s art that’s fit for thinking. And also fit… for your feet.

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