VA launches online portal to make accessing records and refilling prescriptions easier


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Wish you had more control over your medical information?

That’s the whole purpose behind a computer based health program offered to area veterans.

If you hate getting out, especially this time of year, in order to refill your prescription you aren’t alone.

But that’s something U.S. Navy Veteran Brian Tatum never has to worry about, thanks to a computer based program called myhealthevet, offered through the Veterans Administration.

Brian Tatum, U.S. Navy Veteran, said, “You can check your lab work, it gives you appointment reminders, you can order medicine, you can communicate with your care team with notes, it’s just much more convenient rather than calling and not being able to get through to anybody which sometimes they have a pretty big case load.”

Wanda Shull says once you get used to using the program, it couldn’t be much easier.

Wanda Shull, VA Public Affairs Director, said, “They can refill their prescriptions online which is such a big help and it keeps them coming timely in the mail, um but it’s really keeping up with your health record, allowing the veteran to be empowered and knowing their information, putting them in the driver’s seat of what happens with their healthcare.”

Shull says the computer based system isn’t new, but that some veterans, for one reason or another, have yet to enroll in the program.

In some cases they don’t look into it because they may assume it may not an option for them.

“That’s coming right to their mailbox, so it’s saving them transportation costs and it saves them time, everyone is busy, um it’s a busy time of the year certainly with the holidays, you know, you don’t have to spend time making trips to the clinic to get refills on your prescriptions, just do it on line through Myhealthevet.”

And even if vets are having problems navigating the program website, Shull says employees of V.A. Clinics across the Four States will be happy to help vets enroll in the system.

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