Using a cane or walker can be helpful when you’re having trouble walking


JOPLIN, MO – For some patients, a little help walking can go a long way.

Using a cane or a walker can provide that extra boost.

“Single Point cane is really where you start. It’s more for supportive type situations to alleviate pain or discomfort, or things like arthritis.” Says Chris Walker, Freeman Health Essentials.

The first step is in the diagnosis.

“So we need to have an x ray and potentially even an MRI to really fully understand what the problem is based on that problem, then we can decide, is someone safe to use a cane or do they need more support that they would get with a walker.” Says Dr. Thomas Sanders, Sports Med.

If it’s part of recovery from surgery at the hospital, staff will help make sure the patient knows how to use the cane or walker properly.

“So if we have someone who has surgery in the hospital our physical therapy team will instruct them on how to properly use it. If someone does not have surgery in the hospital then we will send them to a physical therapist so that they can have some training along with their physical therapy on how to appropriately use.” Sanders says.

An important step, because misusing it could have consequences.

“What we see is that if you use them inappropriately you can start having problems in the other hip or the other knee or the lower back can become an affected.” Sanders says.

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