Used car buyers beware: lookout for vehicles with flood damage after recent flooding


JOPLIN, Mo. – Several states across the nation have had record, or near record, flooding this Spring and Summer, including those affected by last week’s hurricane.

That’s why Four State residents should be on the lookout for used cars that may have any flood damage. While a good detail job can hide a multitude of problems, mechanics say it’s always a good idea to have a professional, who doesn’t have a stake in the sale of a vehicle, go over any used car you consider buying. Rick Harlen says a flood damaged car will have moisture, mud or rust in places there shouldn’t be.

“You know driving down the road you kick up dirt and mud and it clogs up in places, but you get up into places where that shouldn’t be and there’s a bunch of mud clogged up in there and it’s been underwater.”

Rick Harlen, Ivey’s Service Center Mechanic

He says one of the best places to look for damage that detailers don’t get to is in the well of a vehicle’s spare tire. Harlen says mud and moisture built up there is a tell tale sign of flooding.

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