UPDATE: Panic settles as authorities deem suspicious device as non-explosive


On Thursday morning, the Joplin Police Department responded to a call about a suspicious device found at the Royal Orleans apartment complex in Joplin.

A maintenance worker found a possible pipe bomb in a dumpster. Joplin police and fire set up a perimeter around the area evacuating residents as a precaution.

“They told me to go back inside and then a couple minutes later, they were knocking on everyone’s doors telling us to evacuate and get away from the dumpster specifically,” explained resident Samuel Montague.

To remove the item from the dumpster, authorities called in the Springfield Fire Department Bomb Squad.

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“They pulled it out the dumpster, they were able to x-ray it–it was hollow and it ended up just a piece of pipe, basically, that someone put a cap on and wrapped tape around,” said JPD Corporal Issac Costley.

The device was not explosive and all apartment residents were able to go back into their homes.

“So nothing suspicious,” Costley continued. “We don’t have any information that anyone did this intentionally, but everyone is all good to go back to their apartments now”

Joplin police say if you come across a device that looks suspicious or explosive, don’t touch it. Clear the area and call 9-1-1.

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