On Tuesday, May 29th  at approximately 10:18 p.m. the Joplin Fire Department responded to a report of a medical situation at Jasper Products. The first crew arrived on scene and were told of an approximately 50-year-old male who had fallen into a tank.

Additional reports from the scene indicated a total of three people had fallen into a tank and were having difficulty breathing. Firefighters then initiated a successful rescue of the three people in the tank. Units remained on scene until 11:57 p.m.

A total of eight people were transported to the hospital, including one firefighter. The Joplin Fire Department responded with 5 units and 10 personnel and were assisted by the Joplin Police Department and METS Ambulance Service.

Original Story:

Around 10:15 Tuesday night, the Joplin Fire Department responded to a call of a person falling twenty feet into a tank. When crews arrived at Jasper Products, three people had fallen in. First responders got everyone out. Injuries are unknown at this time, with people being transported to the hospital. The Jasper Products Safety Team assisted the fire department in the rescue along with Duenweg Fire and the Joplin Police Department.

“We have an excellent safety program, we take all the precautions, we complete training, we do OSHA compliance and training and basically we just had an incident where, we had sent some people to the hospital, we had some first responders getting some people checked out,” says Jasper Products Safety and Health Manager Steve Bell.

“Work with them after the fact to probably go over everything and plan for the next one. These serve as good opportunities for us to learn more and to do better if it ever happens again,” says Joplin Fire Department Deputy Chief Andy Nimmo.

Jasper Products is currently investigating the incident.