University of Missouri Extension program aims to help businesses retain employees


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — With unemployment figures still historically low, it can be difficult for local businesses to find enough employees.

The next challenge is to keep them.

That’s the goal of a workshop offered by the University of Missouri Extension.

It’s called, Leveraging Workplace Stability.

It helps teach employers to take a more active role in the lives of their low income employees — which, in turn, helps keep them on the job longer.

Dr. Amy Patillo, University of Missouri Extension, said, “They often have trouble with transportation, child or elder care issues, food and housing, and so some of the strategies that businesses can use that are beyond the traditional employee benefits programs like health care and maternity leave, our low income employees often don’t get to access those kinds of benefits.”

One of the benefits of keeping employees on the job over a long period of time can be increased profits.

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