Universal birthday celebration for dogs adopted from shelters


JOPLIN, Mo. – This is a day set aside to celebrate the lives of our furry dog companions.

Dogust First is a universal birthday for dogs that currently, or once lived in a shelter. Since many people may not know the exact date a dog was born, this holiday gives a chance for the dog’s life to be celebrated.

This special day was started back in 2008 by the North Shore Animal League America Shelter, located in New York. Tianna Fisher with the Joplin Humane Society says the fact that animals get special days dedicated to them is meaningful.

“Animals are a big part of not just our lives right here at the shelter, but the people in our community. So, every opportunity we have that we can celebrate them, we take advantage of it and we just really enjoy.”

Tianna Fisher, Shelter Services Manager

The Joplin Humane Society currently has around 200 dogs and puppies in their facility, ready for adoption.

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