Understanding what kids are texting


It can be hard enough for parents to understand what their kids are talking about sometimes. And when it comes to texting, it can seem like they’re using a different language.

If you’re an adult, and you have some knowledge about texting you probably know that “lol” stands for laugh out loud. But if your son or daughter texted the letters CD9, would you know that stands for “parents nearby?” 

A teacher and mother of three at the University of Nebraska put together a list of 37 different text codes to educate parents as to what their kids might be texting, and even someone who’s around teenagers all day, like Amanda Walker — a teacher, a coach and a mom — hadn’t heard of any of them.

“So much of the codes mean totally different things than what a parent may think it means,” says Amanda Walker.

So then we put some students at McAuley to the text test to see how many they knew and used themselves.


“Mom over should or parent over shoulder, good,” says Olivia Powell.

HMU? Hit me up.

“Okay will I use IMO, cause it’s short for in my opinion, I use TTYL, talk to you later, I’ll use like in real life, or IRL because I don’t really want to text over something,” says Kyle Glover.

Glover knows his parents can ask for his phone at any time, and he says he keeps that in mind when ever he texts anything. Walker says that’s an arrangement every parent should have with their child.

“It’s a privilege for students and children to have that phone and I believe most parents pay for their students cell phone, so to be able to view that information is a very good idea,” says Amanda Walker.

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