KANSAS — We are four weeks away from the general election and one of the biggest races we’re tracking is the U.S. Senate race in Kansas.

The two front-runners in the race for the Kansas Senate seat are Barbara Bollier and Roger Marshall. The two candidates have many differences but their campaign strategy is similar — get Republican support.

Kansas is known for being a red state, so the candidates must get Republican support if they want to win the seat. In 2018, after decades as a Republican, Bollier switched to the Democratic party.

While she is running as a Democrat, she identifies as a moderate. According to our political analyst, Bob Beatty, she seems to be using that to her advantage in pulling support from Republicans in the state.

Dr. Bob Beatty, Political Analyst, said, “It can be very difficult for a lifelong Democrat to win, in some cases. So, Barbara Bollier has a big advantage in making her argument by being a former Republican.”

Beatty says Roger Marshall has been aligning himself more and more with conservative Republicans in order to get their support.

“Roger Marshall is now more strongly associated, not just as being very conservative, but also much more strongly associated with Donald Trump.”

It is looking to be a very close race. So much that Democratic ad-funding organization, Duty and Country, is spending seven million dollars in support of Bollier. And just a few weeks before the election — that could make a big difference in this race.