Tyson Foods partners with DonorsChoose.org to support teachers with $1 million investment

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Educators in 37 Tyson plant communities are eligible for project funding.

As part of Tyson Foods’ commitment to support its plant communities, the company announced today it will fund $1 million in DonorsChoose.org projects for 46 school districts in 37 Tyson communities.

The investment will bring much-needed resources to schools in Tyson communities and introduce teachers to a source of potential support for future projects.

Between August 1, 2019 and January 29, 2020, Tyson will fully fund projects posted by teachers in qualifying Tyson school districts who request up to $1,000 in classroom resources.

Funding will be applied towards projects the first Monday of every month, up to $26,388 for each plant community.

“We have a responsibility to support our communities in a variety of ways, including equipping our teachers with the resources they need as an effective way to support education,” said Debra Vernon, senior director, corporate social responsibility, Tyson Foods. “Through the DonorsChoose.org model teachers can focus on the individual needs of their classrooms and students can experience new or better ways to learn.”

To qualify for full funding, projects will need to be $1,000 or less, for Pre-K-12 and in Tyson districts.

“We’re so grateful for the generosity of Tyson Foods,” said DonorsChoose.org founder Charles Best. “As teachers across Tyson communities gear up for the school year ahead and use DonorsChoose.org to request resources for their classroom, this support will help bring those classroom dreams to life.”

The company’s first collaboration with DonorsChoose.org came in 2018, when $150,000 was awarded to teachers in Gibson County, Tennessee, where last year the company broke ground on a new chicken processing facility. The response by teachers was so strong the full funding was awarded in only 45 days.

“The grant I received for my classroom will help teach students for multiple years and I’m just so thankful to Tyson Foods,” said Jessica Roehs, 5th grade math teacher at South Gibson County Middle School. “The website was very easy to use, and I highly recommend any teacher that is eligible to apply for a grant to do so.”

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