Two warming centers are open in Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. — Temperatures will drop into the teens tonight and for people living on the streets, it could be dangerous.

Two Joplin shelters are opening warming centers hoping to help those in need.

“If they’re out there and they are in the cold they can freeze to death and we don’t want that to happen. So its important to keep them up and going and as warm as possible.” said Dianna Gurley, Souls Harbor Executive Director.

This weekend souls harbor and watered gardens will have its doors open for anyone needing to come in from the cold.

“We want to keep people warm and safe. folks that are on the street it becomes at some point even if they have chosen to be on the street in some manner of speaking it becomes almost impossible to stay warm through the night when it gets so cold,” said Doug Gamble, Outreach Center Director for Watered Gardens.
Watered Gardens opens its front lobby for the homeless to stay when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.
“We always have breakfast available that anybody can come in and get breakfast in the day. Blankets are always available. Those are available whether the warming center is open or not. People can come and get a blanket if they need one,” said Gamble.

Souls Harbor opens its warming center at 817 South Main at seven every evening the weather dips below 32 degrees.

“We see people who werent doing well physically or whatever the issue may be. We’ve seen people who have froze to death in 32 degree weather.” said Gurley.

Gurley says when it gets colder they can see up to 30 people needing temporary shelter.
“We are always hoping the best for everyone in our community. So sometimes there are people who just have not been able to get into a shelter or for various reasons they haven’t overcome their life issues to get into a shelter. So its really important for them to know that the community is still supporting them,” said Gurley.

This weekend the Salvation Army of Jasper and Newton Counties” will not have its warming center open because its staff is on vacation.

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