Two special guests teach Joplin elementary students about dental hygiene


Two special visitors have been making appearances this week in Joplin to teach a life-long health habit.

The Tooth Fairy, along with her brother the Tooth Wizard, have been speaking to students in Joplin elementary schools this week.

“Tooth decay is one of the most preventable diseases in children, yes it’s a hundred percent preventable, if they build health habits soon and learn how to brush their teeth twice a day and floss and rinse with mouthwash and eat healthy food for their teeth,” says the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Wizard.

“We learned how to brush our teeth and when to do it and how to floss and what we should do to take care of our teeth,” says Sadie Eckert, McKinley Elementary.

The brother and sister combo travel the State of Missouri teaching kids about the importance of flossing and brushing both your teeth and tongue. An especially important lesson with Halloween coming up and all the candy kids like Sadie Eckert will be eating that night.

“I didn’t know we are supposed to brush our teeth in circles instead of up and down and side to side,” says Eckert.

“Absolutely, they go home and say ‘we saw the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Wizard at school and we want to brush our teeth and we learned how to rinse our mouth with mouthwash and floss.’ It’s just great fun for them. One of our favorite things is to see is them talking about it before we go too,” says the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Wizard.

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