Two Southeast Kansas Banks Get Ready to Merge


Girard National Bank and First National Bank of Girard will now all be under one roof.

Both banks have been based out of Crawford county for decades. First national bank of girard dating back to 1848.

Norma Storey, the Exec. VP of First Natl. Bank of Girard says, “We have just had a presence in the community for so long, for generations back. We have people come in and tell us their grandfather, their great grandfather and other family members has banked here for years.”

The merged banks will now be called Girard National Bank and they are looking forward to keeping their business local.

Mark Schifferdecker, the President/CEO of GNBank says, “When the opportunity came up that they were ready to merge with another bank, we were really excited to have that opportunity because we really feel like both of our banks share the same philosophy of taking care of the customer, helping out the community and working with our employees and so we just thought it was a natural fit.”

And in addition to growing their clientele, Girard National Bank hopes the merger helps keeps them as a community trusted brand.

“Banking is a lot like other businesses, you have to be a certain size and so i think it’s going to help assure that wer’re going to be here for hopefully the next 3 or 4 generations or many generations to come,” he says.

Right now, the bank will still be taking transactions from the National Bank of Girard until their full computer system conversion later this year.

And through this new partnership, the banks have a combined $700 million in assets.

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