Two people find love in an unlikely place


JOPLIN, Mo. – Emergency rooms are most often the place most people have the worst day of their lives. For one EMT and one nurse, it was the best day.

Marcus Donham is an EMT with METS. Mercedes Vogel is an ER Nurse at Mercy Hospital. The couple works very closely with each other, Donham brings in the patients and Vogel helps with whatever the condition may be. More than a year ago, they became a couple. On the 4th of July, Donham faked a firework injury so he could be wheeled into the ER to ask the big question.

“Getting to see each other at work is honestly really relieving sometimes especially when it’s a really difficult day and we’re really busy or you know we’ve had multiple traumas or codes or it’s a day that’s gotten you down.”

Mercedes Vogel, ER Nurse

“There’s always good in our job, we take some people that are just needing a ride to the hospital that needs some help or we take people who’s lives are about to end and it’s just life changing, something we like to do, we’re both very passionate about the jobs that we do.”

Marcus Donham, EMT METS

Their wedding date is set for September 15th of this year.

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