Two Northeast Oklahoma schools close due to illness


NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — Two Northeast Oklahoma schools were closed today, due to a high rate of illnesses causing people to miss school.

The schools closed were Wyandotte and Fairland public schools.

This marked the first time Fairland School District has been closed as a result of illness related issues in several years.

Empty chairs filled both Fairland and Wyandotte public schools today.

As both districts work to recover from large absences at their facilities from a high volume of illnesses.

Mark Alexander, Fairland Public Schools Superintendent, said, “Our biggest issues this time was the number of adults that we use to teach and supervise our students were becoming sick and more and more everyday. Flu, strep, those things are running rampant through our group.”

School leaders say the district was not able to cover with enough suitable substitutes.

“We had 10 adults teachers in that were out in our elementary classrooms and then we had several in our secondary buildings who were either sick or had their own children they had to stay at home with that had the flu.” subs are really difficult to get and find and suitable subs to be in the classroom.”

For many parents in the district they are thankful administrators made this call.

Jeff Brown, Parent of Fairland High School Student, said “It’s huge, a school that will not only want to take care of your kids and educate them and provide things here at the school, but one that cares enough to say that hey we need to get these kids feeling better and keep them home.”

To prevent further issues, the district deeply disinfected all buildings.

“Custodians are wiping down desks and door handles and everything we can think of with bleach and disinfectant so that we hope that we can disinfect the building,” said Alexander.

School is expected to resume as normal on Monday.

And students and staff will not have to make this day up on the school calendar.

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