Two Neodesha High School seniors to benefit from scholarship program


NEODESHA, Ks. — Neodesha High School seniors are eager to begin their freshmen year of college, especially since their tuition for the next four years is covered.

Ashley Chandler, Neodesha High School Graduate, said, “When the program was first announced, I can definitely tell you there was a lot of shock and awe and immediate excitement.”

Back in November, Ashley Chandler and Brett Wolfe were told their college would be free.

Thanks to the Neodesha Promise Scholarship.

“So this scholarship will pay the full tuition and fees of the highest tuition requirements for a public college in Kansas.”

The scholarship is for Neodesha High School students and will cover up to $17,000 a year in tuition for their entire college career.

A sigh of relief for students.

Brett Wolfe, Neodesha High School Graduate, said, “This gives me the opportunity to go to my dream college I already planned on going to but this gives me the opportunity to go with a lot less stress and a lot less burden on my shoulders.”

And this program will help Neodesha students for many years to come.

“I feel like this has inspired not only me but even more students passed me.”

The scholarship is funded for the next two decades.

This scholarship has shown them their community believes in their dreams just as much as they do.

“This is more than just a scholarship. This is an opportunity for students to grow regardless of their backgrounds, their aspirations or their dreams,” said Chandler.

“And to see that even though Neodesha is a small town there are people that believe in you and that people do see the future in you and you can come back and inspire more people from that,” said Wolfe.

Chandler and Wolfe will both be attending Kansas State in the fall, each seeking an agricultural degree.

They both plan to obtain their masters.

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