Two Men from Oklahoma are passing on music knowledge to the next generation


GROVE, OK – In today’s dose of good news… From working with hall of fame names like Paul McCartney and ZZ Top, to working with young people. 2 Oklahoma men are teaching the next generation about music.

“Because of the time I started out, if you had any little bit of knowledge, you would propel forward.” Says Carl Dunlap, Systems Engineer and Instructor.

Now, with how difficult it is to make it in the music, 2 Oklahoma men in Grove are making it their goal to teach people about the industry.

“We developed the Grand River School of Performing Arts as a Not-For-Profit Oklahoma corporation, an educational corporation. The idea is to offer young people an option at a different kind of career that they might not get the chance to explore.” Says David Bridges, President of Grand River School of Performing Arts.

Originally focusing on on-stage talent, Bridges realized they were lacking an important element.

“We started with the idea of teaching musical instruments, and we do have instructors to teach piano, organ, harp and other instruments. But then the sound system, the sound company became an issue.” Bridges says.

And that’s where Dunlap comes into play.

With Dunlap’s history working sound for great performers like Paul McCartney and ZZ Top, no one knows how to run sound like him.

“My agenda in teaching is to make them relevant. You know make them that if this in fact is the industry they want to go through, that they’ve got a foot in the door solid.” Dunlap says.

And whether that be just one person, Dunlap says he’ll be satisfied.

“If I can take somebody and prepare them for a job in this field, even if one of them succeeds, I succeed.” Dunlap says.

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