Two local businesses operated side by side to survive the pandemic one year later


PITTSBURG, Kans. — When the pandemic first started, a lot of people didn’t know what the future would hold. While there was uncertainty, there was also opportunity — at least for one woman who had moved back to the four states.

“There was really no looking back, no chance to second guess because it was all happening so quickly,” said Darcie Shultz, Books and Burrow Co-Owner.

A year ago, Darcie Shultz and her husband made their way back to the four states area. While times were unpredictable, they decided to take a chance and opened up a bookstore in the middle of a pandemic.

“I just thought it was something that the community needed. To have a meeting place, a place that was open and welcome to everybody,” said Shultz.

Darcie and her husband got to work, and eventually they found a home for “Books and Burrow” on Broadway. Within a month, the book store was ready to open on Small Business Saturday. And whenever Darcie ever had a question, she always had a partner in crime she could count on, her brother who just so opened to work in the store next door.

“The building next to ours opened up, and it was something that I didn’t think us as a family should pass up on, and I knew in the back of my mind that my sister had always wanted to open up a bookstore,” said Davey Forman, Miners and Monroe Owner.

“He was on board, he’s like our biggest fan and it was sort of his knowledge of not just the business landscape but the town. We thought, okay, he thinks that we can do this, we can do this,” said Shultz.

The businesses continued to collaborate throughout the year, even working with their fellow small businesses in Pittsburg.

“You don’t have longevity if you don’t collaborate with other groups,” said Shultz.

“We’re trying to provide something to the community that hadn’t been here before and see where that takes us,” said Forman.

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