PITTSBURG, KS – Two business fixtures in Southeast Kansas now have something in common. The same boss.

Pitsco in Pittsburg has been sold to Columbus-based Crossland Construction.

So what does that mean going forward?

2021 has been an eventful year for Pitsco.

“We’ve been talking to the Crossland family since about February, so the acquisition moved really quick.” Says Lisa Paterni, President, Pitsco Education.

The company makes kits that encourages students from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade to get interested in and use their STEM skills, turned 50 years old this past March.

And as of a few days ago, they’re under new ownership.

“It’s not going to change, every employee was offered employment, every employee accepted employment and it’s business as usual.” Says Paterni.

And Paterni says it will continue to be business as usual for all 110 employees, including herself.

She says Harvey Dean, who founded the company had one main requirement of Ivan Crossland, the new owner.

“The first criteria they mentioned was to find a buyer that was loyal to Southeast Kansas, Pittsburg Kansas, and that someone that would keep Pitsco in Pittsburg for the long run.” Says Paterni.

The two companies actually have a working relationship that goes back many years, in fact, over the years, as more buildings have been added to the Pitsco campus, Crossland was the company that built them.

Another requirement for he new owner, to have a commitment to education.

Paterni says Crossland met that bill too.

“The construction company builds about 12 schools a year and so there are synergies there that probably aren’t obvious when you just think about it, but they’ve been uncovered as we have gone through the du diligence process and so I think it’s going to be a good, long term relationship.” Says Paterni.