Triway School sees success in snack time program


“Anytime that we can give our students those necessities that they need to be successful, whether it be academic, social, emotional — I mean, we’re all on board for that,” explained Triway Principal Jamie Medlin.

East Newton Schools’ Triway campus launched a supper program last week for all students pre-k through eighth grade.

The school qualified for the program due to a 50 percent or higher rate of students in the district on free or reduced lunch.

So, snacks are provided to students in their last class before they go home for the day.

“At our site, it is taken to the classroom and the teachers. Then when the bell rings, they have oral reading time and they hand out the snacks to the students that want them so they get a little nutrition before they get home,” said Nutrition Services Director Lori Martin.

380 healthy snacks are given each day and students have the option of choosing what they want to eat.

“Today we had strawberry yogurt Chex Mix, a cheese stick, we had raisins, and they can choose from yogurt or carrots,” explained school cook Beverly Anderson. “And then they have water, chocolate milk, or white milk.”

While this program was launched only two weeks ago, staff have already seen positive feedback from students. And many students are grateful for the extra meal, since some of their parents work late.

“We have a lot of hardworking parents and when our kids get home, their parents might not be there ready to make them supper, so this gives them a protein-packed snack to go home on to carry them through until their parents can provide the supper for them,” said Medlin.

Sixth graders volunteer their time during study hall to help pass out snacks to all of the grades. Not only are students engaged during their snack time, Triway also offers an after school activity for all students.

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