Tristatesmen Barbershop Chorus spreads love across the Four States


WEBB CITY, Mo. — Love and music was in the air for some lucky lovers today across the Four States.

Flowers are nice, so is candy, but if you really want to send a valentine’s gift she or he will never forget, call these guys, the Tristatesmen Barbershop Chorus.

They made a return visit to Sierra Tunnell in Webb City.

Ed Kespohl, President, Tristatesmen Barbershop Chorus, said, “We have quartets out all over the tri-states today delivering singing Valentines, um and we give the uh recipient a long stem red rose in a vase, a box of chocolates and we sing them two love songs.”

Sierra Tunnell, Singing Valentine Recipient, said, “Last year I was pregnant with our daughter and I was at the hospital and they came and serenaded me in the middle of the hospital lobby and it was really sweet, they gave me like three songs and my boyfriend actually told me he wasn’t going to do that this year so he surprised me with it so and he’s friends of theirs I think too and their pretty awesome, their super sweet guys”

Flint Spencer happened to witness the impromptu concert and was duly impressed.

Flint Spencer, Singing Valentine Witness, said, “And maybe, I’ll have to get a business card for next year, that would be pretty cool to have them show up at my wife’s place of work, that would be awesome, they’re really, really talented, just fun, just different, the harmonies, you don’t hear that every day.”

And Kespohl says proceeds go towards encouraging the next generation of performers.

“Where we take quartets into middle schools and high school vocal classes and teach them four part barbershop harmony which is a different kind of harmony structure than what they’re used to,” said Kespohl.

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