Trinity Bible College keeping neighborly spirit alive


JOPLIN, Mo. — Not too long ago, when faced with a problem, your first thought was to turn to a neighbor for help.

An organization in Joplin is keeping that idea alive with a program helping those in need

Jordan Nowell, Men’s Basketball Coach, Trinity Bible College, said, “We hooked up with Watered Gardens and this is awesome.”

Trinity Bible College’s Men’s Basketball Team is hard at work.

Traveling to the Four States for two reasons.

One: “We’re in town for our national tournament.”

And two: “Mainly looking to be a blessing to Joplin.”

Casi Augustine, Neighbor Connect Coordinator, said, “They wanted to serve while they were here.”

So they got in touch with neighbor connect.

“Neighbor Connect is a program that connects one neighbor’s need to another neighbor’s skill with people in the community.”

Or in cases like this from North Dakota.

“This project came to us because the city had given us this referral.”

The homeowner says she spent two years knocking down a house on the property by hand because of the mass amount of lumber and complaints the city threatened to take her to court.

“They wanted to try and find another option for the homeowner.”

Referring the homeowner to neighbor connect to receive some help.

“Burning some wood, they’re piling metal, piling center blocks,” said Nowell.

Which player Parker Stemen says he’s happy to do.

Parker Stemen, Basketball Player, said, “It makes you feel good as a group and as a team it makes us feel pretty good to help out anybody that needs it.”

“We just think it’s so important for neighbors to be good neighbors and build relationships with one another,” Augustine.

The homeowner says she plans to create a large green-space with trees, plants, and food.

Bringing new life to a closed chapter.

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