Treasure hunt held to raise awareness for DCCSAN


A treasure hunt throughout Delaware County will soon take place in an effort to raise awareness for the non profit organization DCCSAN.

The hunt “A Diamond Dash” will involve a medallion hidden in Delaware County on public land and there will be a series of clues released for the public to find. The first clue will be released at the Women’s Expo in Grove this weekend and the following clues will be done weekly on DCCSAN’s Facebook page. 

Officials with DCCSAN say the hunt will serve as a kick off to the Diamonds and Intrigue Winterset Fundraiser that DCCSAN holds annually. DCCSAN social worker Jesse Stapleton says ultimately they are hoping this experience increases awareness of the work the non profit organization performs.

“You would think that there is no child abuse in your community but it’s out there and it happens and we are able to help those kids. We are able to from the beginning of the process till the end. We are able to help them throughout it and not just the kids, the families, the parents, the grandparents, the guardians,” says Jesse Stapleton.

If you find the medallion you will win a one thousand dollar cash prize. DCCSAN is hoping to get individuals involved who are interested in sponsorships to help fund the prize. If you are want to serve as a sponsor you can call DCCSAN at 918- 253-4539.

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