Travel industry rebounding in 2021


JOPLIN, Mo. — If the idea of going on a vacation sounds like a good one to you, you aren’t alone. But is now a good time to go somewhere?

According to Reservation Travel President Terry Littleton, there are a lot of people in the Joplin area that are getting the urge to travel, despite the global pandemic.

Terry Littleton, President, Reservation Travel, said, “I got a lot leaving for like next month, I had some going this month, quite a few for April, May, and June.”

Littleton says the cruise industry is still not close to being back to pre-covid popularity, and trips to Europe may not be an ideal destination because of the ongoing pandemic, but she says other types of vacations are definitely picking back up.

Depending upon where you go and what type of vacation you go on, you may be required to have both vaccinations, and in some cases, you’ll still have to social distance and wear a mask.

And she says now might be as good as a time as any to head to the beach, either in the U.S. or Mexico.

“They are not filling the hotels at a hundred percent so the beaches are kind of nice now from the ones that have come back and said yeah it’s a good time to go because it’s not full of people.”

She says most airlines and vacation destinations are very serious about covid precautions so travelers should feel safe as long as they practice social distancing and masking up themselves.

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