Training Close to Home


Yes, they carry guns, batons and in some cases, pepper spray or even stun guns. But, the vast majority of the job of a law enforcement officer is more about using your head to solve problems on the streets, instead of your weapons.

Periodically, authorities must attend continuing education courses like this one at Crowder College.

“Basically we’re doing training with officer well being, working with biases, prejudices and different training on how to handle stress,” explained Oren Barnes with Crowder College Criminal Justice. “And that kind of of covers the gamut of everything we’re going to run to– dealing with different populations some emotional issues and things like that”

Granby Patrol Officer Christina Poitras says being able to hold that training locally is a must.

“We’re always on the go,” Poitras said. “If you’re not working the beat, you’re you’re in class, you’re in court. So, it’s very, very crucial that we have these classes locally so we’re able to attend”

She says these types of courses keep officers up to date on subjects they may not have taken since graduation.

“We work a lot of times with the the mentally ill and it helps to be able to distinguish what kind of illnesses those people are having and we learn that in our class room,” Poitras added.

The course also helps officers deal with many public perception issues facing law enforcement. She says negative stereotypes about them are just not true.

“A lot of people view us as as being racist or biassed and we want to get it out there that it’s not so,” said Poitras.


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