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It may be more important than ever to pursue a career in a trade. Recent reports site a growing gap in how many trade workers there are versus positions that still need to be filled.

Staffing firms, like Manpower Group, say there’s an increase in demand to find skilled trade workers to fill good-paying positions.

“Nationwide there is a huge skills gap. So, we’ve got a ton of employers nationwide that are looking for employees, that are looking for workers,” says Eric Schneider, Dir. of Nevada Reg. Tech. Ctr.

So, local trade schools, like the Nevada Regional Technical Center and the Missouri Welding Institute, are working to create the next generation of trade workers. That means using information from local employers to provide students with everything they need to know to get them ready for the workforce.

“And that’s what our contractors are looking for, guys of skilled training. We work with them hand in hand daily to you know, get them ready for the workforce,” says Todd Spangler, VP Missouri Welding Institute.

As the city of Nevada strives to become a ‘work ready’ community, the Nevada Tech Center has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and local job centers to get as many workers prepared for their respective fields as they can.

“And the goal is to make as many ‘Nevadans’ employable as we possibly get,” says Eric Schneider.

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