Towing companies busy during extreme weather


JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the most helpless feelings on a day like today is not being able to start your vehicle. Then if you do – driving – then getting stuck.

While some businesses don’t ever bother to open in weather like this, others are actually busier than usual. Towing is a good example.

Bill Cottrill, Owner, Cottrill’s Towing, said, “We’re 24 hours, 24 hours a day, my drivers were up all last night and we’ll be up all night tonight.”

Cottrill spent most of the day going from one call to another. But you might be surprised to learn that he hadn’t had a single call from a motorist stuck in the snow.

“Everything we’ve picked up today is nothing but diesel, this car right here, she broke a wheel and hit a curb, and so we delivered her over here just now.”

In fact, one of his vehicles, also a diesel wouldn’t start either. He does have one thing going for him now that he didn’t have when he first started, a hands free device. And he says a sense of humor goes a long way when you’re way behind on sleep.

“Everything that I need to have my hands on like the steering wheel and writing notes and what have you, but I can also work and talk at the same time, you know, I know people find that hard to believe but I can do it, I can work and talk at the same time, I can’t chew gum, work and talk at the same time.”

And it’s been a baptism by fire for Clay Rose, who’s new to the business.

Clay Rose, Driver, Cottrill’s Towing, said, “It is, it’s satisfying but it hurts, it’s nice to see people getting to go where they need to go and being safe about it.”

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