Topeka Mayor announces bid for congress


KANSAS — The current Mayor of Topeka announces her candidacy for U.S. Congress.

Michelle De La Isla announced on Monday she will be running as a democrat for the second congressional district of Kansas.

That area includes the majority of Eastern Kansas.

De La Isla was elected as Mayor of Topeka back in 2017, she has also served as Deputy Mayor and as a Member on their City Council.

She plans to tackle the issues of affordable health care, preserving family farms and creating more jobs.

Michelle De La Isla (D), U.S. Congress Candidate, Kansas, said, “For us to have growth in our population, we have to have good jobs. And in order for us to be able to provide those good jobs, we need to ensure that we are doing things to not only to skill, but re-skill the populace. The southeast corridor of the state of Kansas is one of the most impoverished areas. And if we want to grow these areas and bring people in, we have to provide opportunities.”

De La Isla will be running against Representative Steve Watkins and Kansas Treasurer Jake Laturner, who both are going for the Republican nomination.

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