Tonight at Joplin Council


Joplin city council decides to not try and put any tax proposals on the April ballot.

For months, there has been discussion on how to generate revenue for the city. Tonight, several members expressed that trying to get a measure ready for voters in April is too quick, and they need more time to look over all options. City council members hope to have a financial plan to put on next year’s November ballot.

And there is progress for a property development in tonight’s meeting. Two ordinances involving a new truck stop on Prigmore Avenue passed to second and third readings. The first ordinance approves an annex of the property, allowing the city to provide services to the Skyline Travel Plaza. The second ordinance would rezone the area to commercial property. Both will have a second reading at the next council meeting.

Also on the agenda, redevelopment plans for properties on Main Street. the Muir Building and the Willard Hotel, both located on the ninth block of Main Street. The owners of the buildings say they are concerned that if the buildings are demolished or are declared unlivable, the buildings could lose their historic standing. After tonight’s approval, they’ll renovate the buildings into commercial space and loft apartments.

The Joplin Police Department was will have a new south station. Joplin city leaders approve leasing space to relocate the south police station. The space is near 32nd and Minnesota, and will cost the city 7 thousand dollars a year to lease. Police Chief Matt Stewart says the need for a new building was necessary, and it will be less costly than the old one on 34th Street.

“That building was old when we purchased it and it obviously needs some repairs, and as well as, in the initial language was put before the voters it was to lease a substation. They were able to buy a substation at that point, but we’re at the point now where we are going to lease a substation on East 32nd Street, which it should save us some money in the long run,” says Matt Stewart, Joplin Police Chief.

Chief Stewart adds the new space will be fully operational by January 1st. It will now be up to the city manager to decide what to do with the old building.

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